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How to Survive Working From Home With a Little One

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Given added distractions and often strange schedules, working from home can be a challenge at any time. But when you add a baby or toddler to the mix, the difficulty level rises several notches. However, there are ways to survive working from home with a little one and without losing your sanity. To learn about some, read on.

Set a Schedule

One of the most important things you can do to successfully work at home and care for your child at the same time is to set a schedule. Get your little one used to getting up at a particular time, taking meals and snacks at set hours throughout the day, settling down for regular naps, and having a consistent bedtime. You can then plan your work schedule around your child’s activities.

Of course, there are bound to be variations, and you’ll have to be flexible some days. But a regular schedule helps you and your child know what to expect every day and provides a pattern that can keep your household calmer and more organized.


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Build a Support Network

Also, build a support network. Tag team with your spouse, for instance, working when your spouse is available to provide childcare. You might rely on friends and relatives to babysit on certain days, especially when you must attend important meetings. You can even consider taking your little one to daycare at least a couple of days a week to allow yourself some steady work time.

Remember that you can’t do everything on your own, so don’t try. You’ll just end up exhausted and frustrated. Reach out for help when you need it.

Practice Self-Care

Between work and family responsibilities, stress can build quickly. You can develop a self-care routine to manage it and stay healthy. For instance, pay attention to what you eat. It’s easy to grab something sweet and fatty but aim for a balance of whole grains, lean protein, and fresh fruit and vegetables instead. Also, set aside a time for exercise each day even if you have to squeeze it in between other activities or multitask to get it in. Finally, don’t forget to have a little fun each day.

Organize Your Workspace

Part of your self-care efforts might focus on turning your workspace into a clean, organized, clutter-free area dedicated to work. Set up your office furniture for comfort and efficiency. Make sure you have a large enough desk to hold your computer equipment and provide a clear area for work. Your office chair should provide support for your back and be the right height for your desk.

Use shelving, boxes, baskets, and trays to organize all your office supplies, and label everything so that you can find what you need quickly and easily. Make sure everything has a place, and clean up frequently throughout the day.

Your office should also be a quiet place with minimal distractions where you can focus on work. Remove anything that may distract you or cause negative thoughts.

Survive Your Life

Working at home with a little one isn’t easy, but you can survive if you set your schedule, find support, practice self-care, and stay organized.

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This article was written by  Janice Russell at Parenting Disasters, visit their website for more parenting tips and advice. 

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