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Shantelle Nicholson
Founder, BibEasy Bibs

BibEasy Bibs is a UK based innovative baby accessory company, owned by London born entrepreneur Shantelle Nicholson.

BibEasy was created as a result of Shantelle’s dissatisfaction as a new mother who needed a quick fix to stop her baby’s rashes and keep garments cleaner and drier than standard bibs.

Shantelle is a dedicated mum, blessed with a beautiful daughter. Her own inner child is a designer and artist. After working several years in accounting, she turned her energy to her bliss – children and designing to create a collection of stylish and safe baby bibs and accessories.

How it all started..

When my daughter, Nerisa was a few months old, she developed a red rash around her mouth, chin, neck and chest.
She was so upset, crying and agitated so I took her to the doctor because I was concerned. They explained that the rash was brought on by the her teething-related dribbling.

They recommended keeping her as dry as possible and gave her E45 to apply every few hours. “There has to be a better way” I told myself as I continued to return for repeat prescriptions. My doctor suggested I use aqueous cream or other emollients, but none of them were effective.

Because I kept stuffing muslins, flannels or paper towels down her tops, one day, I cut a piece of fabric and sewed in onto one her bibs and hey presto… the BibEasy Bib was born!

Our Mission

We want to turn the bib world upside down and help the parents in our local community by providing practical baby essentials. We will bring this vision to life by continuously offering an exciting selection of high-quality, affordable accessories and gifts for young children. We want to make a big difference when it comes to caring for your baby with our unique BibEasy designs and help parents all over the world. We hope you find BibEasy as useful as we did.

BibEasy !!

Our Vision

Shantelle believes in giving back and regularly volunteers her time to help those in need-whether it be other mums who need help managing their finances or volunteering at a local homeless shelter “The homelessness crisis is very dear to my heart so I do what I can to help.” I volunteered at The Ace of Club in Clapham one day a week to help feed the homeless and helped prepare meals, served food, tea or coffee and spoke with members to find out about their lives and how the shelter is helping them. I would love to start a foundation one day and build my own homeless centre to help get more people off the streets and help them build a sustainable lifestyle to get back on their feet.

BibEasy !!

To bring this mission to life, I plan to start a movement called ‘Each 1 Feeds 1’ which will consist of donating 10% of every BibEasy Bib sold to Ace of Clubs and other charities who support homeless people in the UK.

If you would like to know more or get involved, please contact us here

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